Hi, I'm Lily. I'm 13 and I love, admire, and adore all things Disney and Samantha Barks. My motto is Hakuna Matata.

My favorite things are... Disney, The Little Mermaid, Samantha Barks, Les MIserables, dogs, fairy tales, books (reading, writing, etc.), creative writing, and a bunch of other stuff.


Hunger Games Gif Challenge Disney Style

Every 4th Gif

You on the morning of the reaping:

Waiting for the names to be called:

Your Reaction when your name is called:

What you think of the other tribute from your district:

Saying goodbye to your friends and family:

First thing you do on the Tribute Train:

Reaction to the other tributes:

What you think of the Capitol:

What you think of your stylist:

How you feel during the tributes parade:

Reaction to your score:

During your interview preview:

Your Interview:

How you spend your last night before the games:

Waiting in the launch room:

You during the bloodbath at the Cornucopia:

Your reaction when someone asks to be allies:

What you do for most of the games:

The first time you kill someone:

You when the other tribute from your district dies:

How you feel when you win:

How you greet your stylist and mentor:

You during the replay of the Hunger Games:

The first thing you do when you get home: